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Who We Are

Non- profit organization that supports, educates and develops children in Rwanda.

The Jonathan Foundation was founded in 2020 and it is far more than a school. The Foundation has been created to offer a wide-ranging platform of educational development and support for more than 1800 students aged between 6 and 19.

Our mission is to provide a stable learning environment where students can fulfill their academic potential, while ensuring that each child has unlimited access to clean drinking water throughout the school day and a nutritious daily lunch.

Unlike other NPO's, the Jonathan Foundation main office is in the school and the founder is there every day and not supporting the children remotely.

Why Rwanda?


Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world with $797 GDP per Capita in 2020.


Rwanda suffered a major genocide against Tutsi in 1994. The country managed to heal but still needs help.


Rwanda is a safe country with good people. The police and government are not corrupted.


The local authorities and people of Rwanda accept, support  and appreciate foreign initiatives.

Investment in school renovation

Re-build School Infrastructure

The Jonathan Foundation has already started an ambitious renovation and extension project of the Groupe Scolaire Dihiro school in Bugesera, a district of Eastern province Rwanda.

Understanding that a successful school needs the fundamentals in place for children to thrive, the Foundation has installed STARLINK internet by Elon Musk, built a kitchen and two dining rooms, introduced fresh running water and now gives each child in attendance a wholesome lunch, five days a week.

With fully installed electricity, pupils are able to undertake further studies at the end of the school day and do their homework in a safe, well lit and comfortable environment conducive to learning.

Our Challenges


Most water are not safe to drink. In our school we provide clean water to our children.


We fund and provide hot and nutricious meals 5 days a week. This is the only meal for some of the children.


We provide our students learning materials, notebooks, pens, pencils and books to learn from.


THIS IS WHERE WE NEED THE HELP OF VOLUNTEERS! If you are a teacher, our school really needs your help.

Teacher? Come and volunteer!

The Foundation focuses on developing the teaching skills required to deliver the national curriculum of Rwanda to the highest standards possible, increasing the number of students who pass their annual exams and continue to the next stage of their education.

The students of the Groupe Scolaire Dihiro school are bright, committed and eager to learn. The Foundation is inviting teachers and educational professionals from all over the world to volunteer their experience and enthusiasm on behalf of our students and our team of teachers.

We’ll only get there with the support of our worldwide community. Join us on our journey.

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