About us

Our Story

The Jonathan Foundation is an NGO founded two years ago by Ody Shashua, an Israeli businessman who is now living in Kigali. It’s aim is to promote the Rwandan society through investment in education.

The Jonathan Foundation sponsors G.S. Dihiro, a public school which is located in a rural village in southeast Rwanda with 1,800 students from nursery to the twelfth grade. As a part of their support and efforts to improve school life in Dihiro, the foundation has installed clean filtered drinking water for the students, renovated classrooms, helped build the school’s kitchen that provides lunch to everyone in the school, installed and operates a computer room, promotes further training for teachers, recruits educators from all over the world who come to support the school’s educational staff, and much more.

The Foundation also operates two nursery schools. One is located on the school grounds, the other one is located at our community center in Gashora and run by Ody’s daughter. Furthermore, there is a farm located on the Foundation’s land (about 2km from the school). The maize and beans growing on our land are used for the schools daily lunch. The cows from our farm provide milk to the nursery schools.