Build the new Academy of Science school

Our vision is to build a school that will allow the children to have this opportunity by giving them full scholarships. This will be a boarding school that will accommodate students from all over Rwanda.

This A Level School of Science will have the top resources available such as qualified teachers, science laboratories, IT rooms, Libraries and more.

The Jonathan Foundation will be working together with Universities from all over the world to help our students continue their studies with full scholarships.

After searching for a long time The Jonathan Foundation has bought land here in The Sector of Gashora. On this land as well as building the school, we are planning to build a big hall that can be used both for the school and government events; such as meetings, events for G.S Dihiro, sport events and many more.

Agriculture will be a big part of our school and land. We want to allocate 50% of the school’s land for agriculture. This land will be used for both educational purposes and for giving back to the community. We will be working together with agronomists both here in Rwanda as well as in Israel to provide the best quality of education for our students.


Regarding the irrigation project, as the land is very close to G.S Dihiro, I want to start the irrigation from here. This will ensure the safety and maintenance of this project.

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The Children thank you!